Do you offer free trials?

Yes! We love having new families join us and try out a class!

What should my child wear to class?

Do they need to wear socks during class? Are they required to wear a leotard? Leotards are not required as long as your child wears something that they can easily move around in and are comfortable in. Jeans and loose clothing can be troublesome or uncomfortable when working on flexibility or going upside down. Your child has the option of going bare foot or wearing socks.

Upon arrival, am I required to check my child in?

No, you are not required to check your child in because our coaches take attendance at the start of every class. If your child is shy or too young to wait by themselves, you may want to wait with them until they are called to go out on the floor for class.

Is there a water fountain?

No, we do not have a water fountain at our location, but our classes do take water breaks, so it is important that your child brings a water bottle to class. We also have water for sale in our vending machine.

My child missed class, is there a way to reschedule?

We offer makeup classes within 30 days of the missed class date as long as your child is currently enrolled in a class. Please call or come to the front desk and schedule your makeup class to ensure space in the class.

My child missed a few classes last year, can I do those makeups this year?

No, our policy states that makeups must be done within a month of the original missed class date.

Can my child’s friend try their class with them?

Yes! As long as there is room in the class, your child’s friend may try the class with them if they meet the age and ability level required for the class.

Am I allowed to leave during my child’s class?

Yes, once your child is with their coach, you are welcome to leave. We have your number at front desk in case of an emergency.

How will I know when my child is ready to move to the next level?

Our coaches are always watching for students that meet all of the requirements for the next level. On testing days, each student in the class will be tested for all of the skills required. You can also check in with your child’s coach for more information about what your child needs to work on in order to move up. When your child is ready to move to the next level, your child will receive an achievement ribbon and be invited to the next class level.

Do you offer birthday parties?

Yes!! We offer a package of birthday fun that includes an hour of activities such as trampolines, zip lining, rock wall, obstacle courses and a whale jump house! Our package also includes time in our party room! CLICK HERE to find out more!

When is payment due?

Payments are due between the 1st and the 7th of each month. We also offer Autopay! CLICK HERE to download form and bring it in when you come in for your next class.

How do I sign up for autopay?

To sign up for auto pay, you can ask one of our office staff members for auto pay form that you can fill out or CLICK HERE to download the form at home and bring it when you come for your next class!

If I am currently enrolled in autopay, when will the transaction take place?

We have between the 1st and the 7th to run autopay, though we do our best to run it around the 4th or the 5th

What is the purpose of the membership fee?

Our membership fee allows you access to all of our classes and events held at the gym! The fee is annual meaning that you pay it the month that you enroll and you will not owe it again for 12 months.”

Do I receive a discount if I enroll more than one child?

Yes! The membership fee is discounted. $45 for the first Child, $35 for the second, $20 for third which adds up to $100 for the Family Membership of 3 or more children.

Do you offer classes for boys?
Do you offer classes for children with special needs?

Yes, we have had students with a variety of special needs in our classes. Some may need an assistant in class and we will do our best to help them have a fun, safe and successful experience!

What is the youngest age that you offer classes for?

Our Diaper Dashers class begins at 1 year old or walking.

Do I need to let the office know when I am bringing my child for a class/makeup?

We ask that you schedule your makeups in advance so that we can do our best to stay within our student to coach ratio.

When can my child move onto the competitive team?

Your child can be referred by their current coach to our competitive team coaches for observation. From there, your child may be placed on team for a trial period.

How do I know if my child is getting to the bars and beam equally?

The coaches follow a rotation schedule that requires them to do bars one week and beam the next week, giving them equal time on each event.

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